Friday, 7 February 2014


There's something rotten in the state of Denmark. There's actually someone a bit off everywhere... I'm a bit disappointed by my first bash at a planet Earth model, using Blender's Cycles. For starters, this is the first scene that fails to render using the GPU compute option -- too much texture data! They are pretty big maps, but there are only three of them.

The results are from following this excellent YouTube-based tutorial :
How To Create a Beautiful Earth with Blender and Cycles - Bill Knechtel

I only completed the modelling/texturing section -- with that weird atmospheric fringing it didn't seem worth laboring through the compositing steps to enable the edge blur. Bill's results are great. While my results are not terrible, they fall quite short in terms of the overall effect. Now it just struck me that I wasn't using exactly the same maps -- maybe there are other settings that I missed or that were not mentioned in the tutorial.

The good news is that I just noticed that not long are the textures provided with the tutorial, Bill has made the entire scene available through Blend Swap.

I'll give it a spin tonight to compare it with my own version.

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