Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Name to my pain

So I did some digging, and some more horrifically slow GPU-powered CUDA rendering. It seems that SLI isn't very good for Blender. However, it's not straight forward as this benchmark scene does great work with multiple GPUs.

PC: Ark GTX690 2GPU

PC:Ark GTX690 1GPU

PC: Ark GTX690 CPU


GPU Rendertime:15m41s03

CPU Rendertime: 48s

The difference here is stupendous. The top flight graphics card (or at least it was 12 months ago) lags so far behind the standard CPU render that it becomes a rather sad joke... Scene complexity maybe? The top benchmark scene is very light on polygons.

I learned a lot from http://www.systemagnostic.com/ which covers the issue of Cycles rendering with CUDA in a lot of detail.

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