Friday, 3 January 2014

Spin one and other hair pulling lessons

Spinning too several readings of the Blender docs to understand my mistake...

History is made -- my first spun object. Blender managed to make what is the simplest modelling tool on the shelf into something uniquely hard to use --- to be fair only because like with many Blender operations it makes sure that it doesn't work quite like other packages.

1. Start with a shape (open along the spin axis)
Online tutorials suggest that you create a spline by deleting the vertices of a cube and the hijacking the cubes entity properties -- a bit of a clanger piece of functionality from the start --- maybe there is a way of laying down raw vertices but I can't find it.

2. The spin will take place from the 3D View in which you invoke the spin operation --- which is what was causing my hair pulling. I'd not extended the toolbar within the right view so I was trying to spin along the wrong axis.

3. Get the 3D cursor right onto the edge of the line by using the snap cursor to selection (Shift+S -> Cursor to Selection).

4. Spin! Then modify the spin parameters such as the number of steps and degree of spin.

Phew! Earlier this morning I discovered how to present an unshaded texture map (a background image) on a plane using the Cycles renderer. It took an 8-minute video tutorial and the rather involved use of a several nodes. Ouch! For such a simple requirement that's a rather grueling procedure.

Time is running out. I'll be back to work in a few days and Blender won't be getting much of a look in until a hefty amount of technical writing is completed.

The scene outside the window looks like it's being pumped through a filter. At least it's not shaded!

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