Thursday, 30 January 2014

Slower progress: still progress

Kennedy-class Missile Cruiser from the 2300AD Science Fiction Role Playing Game.

Progress continues. It's just harder to see now. I'm more fluent in some areas but maybe have some bad habbits. I'm not using the snap tools enough -- too much placing by eye. Bad habits I'm hoping to drive away.

I'm finding fine-detail work harder going. The old workflow of starting with some polygons and extruding is harder because I find the curve tool to be a pain to use -- it doesn't let you build non-curved polygons very easily. There is a workflow I'm aware of where you add a cube, delete all of it's vertices, then manually lay out new verts - building up shapes that way. That seems a bit clunky - I might give it a go through.

Last night my PC crashed. It then failed to reboot with some very worrying messages about not finding the boot drive. Well after some tinkering in the BIOS, it looks like the machine is forgetting which is the valid boot drive because I can get the machine back by manually selecting the correct drive. Bugger! Hopefully I'll get to the bottom of the problem quickly. BIOS quirk or Master Boot Record curruption. *sadface*

My next hurdle will be learning about texturing, UV mapping (apparently highly regarded in Blender) and the use of the Nodes for material creation.

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