Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Building for real...

I forgot to post the first 'real' object, by that I mean that I did a Google image search for Roman temples and used several results for reference in building this quick (2-3 hour model). It was great experience although I'm probably not going to finish/fix the model as it served its purpose well.

I've started another model, a much more ambitious 'space plane', again based on some very limited reference drawings (a set of deck plans). I'll post a progress shot tomorrow - which will encourage me to make some progress on it.

Other news:
I still get completely stuck doing simple stuff --- like creating flexible pipes. I find the bezier curve tools a bit tricky to use. I feel like there should be a set of curve creation tools that let you start with no curving, then once you have a shape knocked out you'd go back and chamfer or curve selected points. That's the Max user talking and I probably just need to go back and read the available documentation again.

I'm starting to forget the stuff I learned in the first week or two. Doing searches for basic stuff like 'how to separate stuff from a mesh' - "P" apparently. Clicking "P" appeared to cause weirdness. I need to try and recreate and investigate. Could it be a bug? *gasp*.

I don't think that Blender has ever. EVER crashed -- maybe once, and probably boolean madness was involved. Still, this application is as solid as a rock.

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